DataRPM Launches New Business Analytics Software

Sundeep Sanghavi, DataRPM

After 18 months of development, DataRPM, Inc. is launching “Instant Analytics,” a self-service analytics solution for structure and unstructured business data. Users will be able to blend, slice and analyze data, without SQL or other programming expertise.

Customers pay a monthly subscription based on what they use, so it works for small business owners to large enterprises.

According to its website, Instant Analytics allows “anyone to create data mashups from any source.” Users can also build reports, publish dynamic dashboards and collaborate with others.

“Business Intelligence and analytics customers are demanding quick ROI and much simpler solution — implementations spread out over months or years will no longer be tolerated,” said Sundeep Sanghavi, DataRPM’s CEO, who founded the company with Shyamantak Gautam and Ruban Phukan. “Market is ready for a cloud based analytics solution that comes with a small price tag, rapid deployment and flexibility, and provides customers with tangible and immediate value.”

Gautam and Phukan created the product based on search-based, Big Data technology and cloud architecture.

“Businesses of all sizes are now competing in a world flooded with information. The winners will be the ones that can make the most sense from all the data mashed up together… and do it the fastest,” says Sanghavi. “Analytics is not just for large companies anymore. Small companies need to analyze data too.”



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