GTSI’s Prem Jadhwani Named Commissioner Of TechAmerica Foundation Big Data Commission

Sterling Phillips, GTSI

Prem Jadhwani, Senior Technologist and Solutions Architect at GTSI Corporation, has been selected as a Commissioner on the TechAmerica Foundation Big Data Commission (BDC).

“Prem is an ideal candidate to serve on the BDC. His technical leadership skills and extensive experience in the government market will help agencies address how they can best capture and process increasing amounts of unstructured data,” said GTSI Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Sterling Phillips.

Darren House, a Data Center Technologist at GTSI, will serve as Jadhwani’s Deputy.

The Obama administration recently announced a $200 million investment in big data research and development, leading to the creation of the BDC to understand the complexity and variety of data and define key business outcomes.

“Government has embraced technology as a critical component of mission success,” said Phillips.

The BDC will provide guidance on how government should best leverage big data to address critical business issues and better deliver on the mission, as well as examine how big data can help drive U.S.-based innovation and competitiveness.





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