Salient Federal Solutions Wins $80 Million Global Command Terrestrial Communications (GCTC) Support Contract

Bill Parker, Salient Federal Solutions

Salient Federal Solutions, Inc. announced that it had been awarded an $80 million, three-year Global Command Terrestrial Communications (GCTC) Satellite Support contract which supports the long-haul telecommunications needs of PM DCATS and the DoD. Salient’s Command Center Network Solutions (CCNS) business unit will perform the tasks outlined in the contract.

“Salient has lived this mission since its inception and no other contractor possesses a more meaningful, substantiated, or thorough understanding of the program and the corresponding requirements,” Bill Parker, COO of Salient, said. “We are proud to be able to continue to serve PM DCATS in its mission to support the ongoing, critical communications needs of the DoD.”

For six years, Salient has supported the mission of the Program Manager (PM) Defense Communications and Army Transmission Systems (DCATS) as a subcontractor to the Joint Network Node (JNN) and the GCTC programs. PM and DCATS goal is to manage the installation, maintenance, and modernization of strategic long-haul communication transmission systems.


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