Suzan Zimmerman’s Advice To Her Two Sons: “Your Handshake Becomes Your Signature”

Suzan Zimmerman, QinetiQ North America

WashingtonExec Series:

WashingtonExec asked the simple question to top area executives:

“If you could give your kids only three pieces of advice, what would they be?”

Today’s insight is from Suzan Zimmerman, Senior Vice President of QinetiQ North America.

Suzan Zimmerman:

As I have told my children, “Advice is a only as good as the Advisor”!  Setting a Highly Ethical Standard is the responsibility that clearly rests on our shoulders, to be passed to the next generation, who in turn, has the responsibility to implement them to create a better world.

Having said all that, my #1 Value Point is Integrity of the Highest form.  People must believe that you are acting in the best interest of those around you and that your judgment is always fair and honorable.

My second Value Point is Honesty.  When your word is your bond, your handshake becomes your signature. Building a credible foundation, which is both personal and professional, allows you to move at lightning speed thru the world of business.

My third Value Point is Always be Gracious.  Listening and valuing other’s point of view, engages your audience and allows them the opportunity to enlighten your thought process.  The wisdom my father passed on, which has served me well was, “You always learn more from listening than you do from speaking”!

I hope these Values, as simple as they are, resound with our young adults.  A thought to take away from all this is, “That you can always be on the right track and still get run over if you don’t pay attention to the details”!

I am proud to say that my two sons have taken this advice to heart. My sixteen year old Max was invited to compete in Utah at the end of the month, representing Langley High School for the National DECA Marketing Competition. He won the DECA State Competition earlier this week. My son Jake is the Director of Business Development at STG, quite an accomplishment for a 24 year old.

Max Chernoff

Jake Zimmerman

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