ICF International Awarded $15 Million 5-Year Contract With EPA

Mark Lee, Vice President for ICF International

ICF International has been awarded a re-compete contract by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to provide analytical and modeling support for evaluating mobile source greenhouse gases emissions, criteria pollutants, air toxics and associated methods of control.The contract has a value of up to $15 million and a term of five years.The contract tasks ICF with providing technical support for the development and evaluation of mobile source regulations; emission characteristics of engines, vehicles, and fuels; emission control technologies; and environmental and public health impacts of vehicles, engines, fuels, and fuel additives.“We are proud to continue our relationship with EPA and OTAQ,” said vice president for ICF International, Michael Lee. “Reducing emissions of GHGs and other air toxics and criteria pollutants is a major priority for OTAQ and this award reaffirms our role as a thought-leader on mobile source fuels and technologies, emissions, and related air quality and health impacts.”  .google {left:100%;display:inline-block;position:fixed}

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