IBM’s Anne Altman Gives Three Pieces Of Advice: Be Authentic, Find A Cause, Love What You Do

Anne Altman, IBM

Anne Altman, General Manager for the Public Sector of IBM, sat down with WashingtonExec to discuss what three pieces of advice she deemed most important for her children to understand.

Anne Altman:

1. Be authentic, true to yourself and your values. There will always be
social and business temptations to behave otherwise, but adhering to the
principals you believe in helps you make better decisions, and helps others
trust those decisions.

2. Find a cause and make it part of your life’s work. A cause can be nearly
anything that drives you. What matters is that you believe in it.

3. Love what you do. That love is what will give you the energy to be good
at what you do.

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