Federal Computer Week’s 100 List for 2012

Brad Antle, Salient Federal Solutions

Recently, the Federal 100 for 2012 was announced by Federal Computer Week.  This year’s winners, chosen by a select panel of government and industry leaders, include 23 from industry, 1 from state/local government and 76 from the federal government. The list includes 51 people in civilian agencies and 25 in the defense sector.

The winners include individuals who responded to the WikiLeaks data breach, someone who spearheaded a technology-based approach to suicide prevention services, another who restored communications after an earthquake and tsunami in Japan, and several who engineered significant cost savings across the government. Their accomplishments span many disciplines and organizations.

FCW will honor the winners at a gala to be held on March 28 at the Grand Hyatt in Washington, D.C.

Below are the Winners:

  • Jeff Shyshka Department of Veterans Affairs
  • Christopher L. Smith Department of Agriculture
  • Maj. Gen. Steven W. Smith U.S. Army
  • Jerad T. Speigel Phase One Consulting Group
  • Lauren C. States IBM Corp.
  • Maurice C. Stewart Department of Veterans Affairs
  • Kim Taylor Department of Agriculture
  • Jeff Trauberman Boeing
  • Keith Trippie Department of Homeland Security
  • Peter J. Tseronis Department of Energy
  • Ricki L. Vanetesse Defense Information Systems Agency
  • Gary W. Wall Department of Health and Human Services
  • Stephen Warren Department of Veterans Affairs
  • Terry Watson Department of the Army
  • Mark Weber NetApp Inc.
  • Jeffrey Zients Office of Management and Budget
  • Phillip A. Landfried Customs and Border Protection
Department of Homeland Security
  • Peter L. Levin Department of Veterans Affairs
  • Tamara Lilly Department of Homeland Security
  • Robin Lineberger Deloitte LLP
  • Michael W. Locatis Department of Energy
  • Refugio “Al” C. Manzanares Department of the Army
  • Seth R. Marcus Department of Housing and Urban Development
  • Andrew M. McCann HP Enterprise Services
  • David L. McClure General Services Administration
  • Luke J. McCormack Immigration and Customs Enforcement
Department of Homeland Security
  • Wendy J. McCutcheon Department of Veterans Affairs
  • Daniel F. McMillin Department of the Air Force
  • Stuart Mervis General Dynamics Information Technology
  • Darlene S. Meskell General Services Administration
  • Michael H. Mestrovich Defense Intelligence Agency
  • Linda A. Mills Northrop Grumman
  • Capt. Martin M. Minnich U.S. Marine Corps
  • Col. John B. Morrison Jr. U.S. Army
  • Robert L. Nabors Booz Allen Hamilton Inc.
  • Brig. Gen. Kevin J. Nally U.S. Marine Corps
  • Joanie F. Newhart Office of Management and Budget
  • Jay H. Nussbaum Agilex
  • Robert J. Osborn National Nuclear Security Administration
Department of Energy
  • James “Andy” Ozment National Security Staff
  • Lt. Gen. Carroll F. Pollett Defense Information Systems Agency
  • Daniel E. Porter CACI
  • Scott Renda Office of Management and Budget
  • Stephen Rice Transportation Security Administration
Department of Homeland Security
  • Donna Roy Department of Homeland Security
  • Anne E. Rung Department of Commerce
  • Gregory Schaffer Department of Homeland Security
  • Col. John F. Schrader U.S. Army
  • Cmdr. Randy C. Darrow U.S. Navy
  • Barry C. Davis Federal Aviation Administration
Department of Transportation
  • Dan DelGrosso Department of the Navy
  • Charles J. De Sanno Department of Veterans Affairs
  • David DeVries Department of Defense
  • Deborah Diaz NASA
  • Noel T. Dickover Department of State
  • Robert Dilonardo Department of Homeland Security
  • Lisa Doyle Department of Veterans Affairs
  • Jeanne Etzel Federal Emergency Management Agency
Department of Homeland Security
  • Lt. Col. Richard A. Faulkner U.S. Army
  • John Feikema Ability Network Inc.
  • Thomas G. Freebairn General Services Administration
  • Christopher Friedline Department of the Treasury
  • Dan Gahafer Defense Information Systems Agency
  • Col. Peter A. Gallagher U.S. Army
  • Peter Gallagher Unisys Federal Systems
  • Lt. Col. William E. Geesey U.S. Army
  • Natalie M. Givans Booz Allen Hamilton
  • Daniel I. Gordon Office of Federal Procurement Policy
Office of Management and Budget
  • W. Scott Gould Department of Veterans Affairs
  • Alfred Grasso MITRE Corp.
  • Margie Graves Department of Homeland Security
  • Lt. Gen. Charles “Bruce” Green U.S. Air Force
  • Robert Guerra Guerra Kiviat Inc.
  • John E. Hale Defense Information Systems Agency
  • Christopher T. Hamm General Services Administration
  • Eugene W. Higgins Department of Energy
  • James Hornage PCI Strategic Management
  • Michael J. Howell Office of the Director of National Intelligence
  • Charles C. Hume Veterans Health Administration
Department of Veterans Affairs
  • Kristyn E. Jones Department of the Army
  • Jennifer A. Kerber TechAmerica
  • Craig P. Abod Carahsoft Technology
  • Lonny Anderson National Security Agency
  • Shawn P. Anderson Tipton County, Tenn.
  • Brad Antle Salient Federal Solutions
  • Heidi E. Avery Executive Office of the President
  • Zachary P. Baldwin General Services Administration
  • Alan P. Balutis Cisco Systems Inc.
  • Lt. Col. Peter C. Barclay U.S. Army
  • Leslie Barry GTSI
  • Jeanne M. Beard Department of Energy
  • Bo Berlas General Services Administration
  • Richard C. Breakiron Department of the Army
  • David R. Bullock Defense Information Systems Agency
  • Sheila R. Campbell General Services Administration
  • Henry Chao Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services 
Department of Health and Human Services
  • Casey Coleman General Services Administration
  • Russell C. Coleman Department of the Navy
  • Larry D. Cox SAIC
  • Emery Csulak Department of Homeland Security


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