GEOS Emergency Response Available To Iridium Extreme Satellite Phone Customers

Iridium Phone

Recently, Iridium Communications Inc. announced that the GEOS emergency response service is now available to Iridium Extreme(TM) satellite phone customers, at no additional cost. Iridium has integrated the GEOS service into the SOS button on the Iridium Extreme. The Iridium Extreme is the first satellite phone to offer an SOS button. This GEOS service enhances the phone’s location-awareness services.

Iridium’s VP of product management Joel Thompson said, “With the launch of the GEOS Emergency Response service, Iridium Extreme customers now have several options to manage their communications during an emergency situation. Since the SOS button is programmable, customers have the ability to use the GEOS service if their organization does not offer such a service. We wanted to ensure that anyone using the most rugged satellite phone on the planet had an option to reach a highly trained professional in an emergency situation.”

The SOS button automatically dials the GEOS emergency response center, providing a connection to a live support representative. This allows you to maintain contact with the GEOS International Emergency Response Coordination Center (IERCC) during their emergency for reassurance that help is on the way.

GEOS receives emergency alerts and notifies Response Search and Rescue (SAR) authorities via a global, 24/7 service through its IERCC in Houston, Texas. The IERCC has translation capabilities for up to 200 languages.

For more information you can visit this website.

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