Josh Izenberg of Modus Create: Secrets To Running A Successful Mobile Apps Company

Josh Izenberg, Modus Create

WashingtonExec reached out to area executives to gain insight and share local “secrets to success” stories.

Today’s two cents hails from Josh Izenberg, COO and General Council at Modus Create, Inc. Modus Create is an apps product development company based out of McLean, Virginia.

-Iterate quickly. We believe strongly in the lean business model, which emphasizes constant iteration and the notion of the “minimum viable product”.  We don’t see the value in disappearing for months at a time to pebble-polish a product – we want constant interaction with our clients so that the development process is as interactive and transparent to them as possible.

-Humility is a key to leadership. As the company’s leaders, we realize that regardless of our credentials and experience, we don’t have all the answers.  We like to surround ourselves with the smartest, most capable and energetic people we can find.  And then we listen to them.

-Capitalize on your unfair advantages. Early on we identified the unfair advantages we hold over our competitors.  Every day we do our best to capitalize on those advantages, whether it is by constantly promoting the accomplishments of our CTO, Jay Garcia, who is an internationally recognized thought leader in our marketplace, or reminding our customers of the key partnerships we have with leading technology companies in our industry.

-Configure for Success.  While Modus offers consulting and development services, we have found that productizing our consulting engagements builds trust and defines clear delivery points for our customers.  Our consulting model is not out-sourced or off-shored, models associated with vendor dependency and client/vendor knowledge gaps.  Our model is to eliminate, not exacerbate the client/vendor knowledge gap.  In doing so we build trust and manage downside risks for our clients.

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