INSA Announces Recipients Of 2011 INSA Achievement Awards

Ellen McCarthy, CEO of INSA

Recently, The Intelligence and National Security Alliance (INSA) announced the recipients of the 2011 INSA Achievement Awards. The INSA Achievement Awards are presented annually to young professionals across the national security and intelligence fields.

President of INSA Ellen McCarthy said, “It is an honor for INSA to recognize these outstanding professionals with the 2011 INSA Achievement Awards, highlighting their impressive contributions to the national security and intelligence sectors. Each of these individuals is an everyday hero who is serving our country in a remarkable way. They are an inspiration to the intelligence community and the nation and we are delighted to tell their stories.”

The 2011 Baker Award recipient, former Director for National Intelligence Mike McConnell said, “I applaud INSA for recognizing these exceptional young professionals and their achievements. The intelligence and national security communities and supporting industries are fortunate to have so many dedicated and talented young people moving through their ranks.”

Below is a detailed list of the awards and recipients:

  • The John W. Warner Homeland Security Award for first responders and domestic government employees is awarded to Michael A. Brown, who serves as a Supervisory Desk Officer in the Office of Global Strategies for the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). Michael develops and implements transportation security strategy, and monitors daily operations between headquarters and attachés stationed abroad. He previously served as a team leader in the TSA Office of Inspection, where he provided senior homeland security officials with key information on high‐risk areas and warnings of potential operational issues. Michael is a distinguished graduate of the Naval Postgraduate School and a dedicated member of the INSA Homeland Security Intelligence Council (HSIC). Beyond his professional commitments, Michael has exemplified his personal dedication outside of the office this year by mentoring young adults who lost family members from terrorist attacks worldwide.
  • The Joan A. Dempsey Mentorship Award for public, private & academic elements supporting the intelligence and national security communities is awarded to Christine Chow of the Defense Intelligence Agency. Christine deployed in support of Operation ENDURING FREEDOM as the Senior Intelligence Analyst for the Combined Joint Intelligence Operations Center in Afghanistan. There, she served in direct support of the Commander of the International Security and Assistance Force (COMISAF) and guided her team in developing analysis concerning the placement of troops on the ground, requests for additional assets and combat with enemy forces. Christine’s leadership and mentorship, along with her expertise, knowledge and work ethic, made her a top intelligence resource for both field commanders and national policy makers.
  • The Richard J. Kerr Government Award for civilian government employee is awarded to Meghann Green of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). In October 2011, Meghann completed a one‐year special assignment to Nairobi, Kenya as an FBI Staff Operations Specialist (SOS). She served as a member of the U.S. Embassy–‐Nairobi African Fusion Cell, the epicenter of counterterrorism activity in the Horn of Africa. As a liaison officer between the Nairobi Station and the U.S. Embassy Legal Attaché, she assisted in closing the investigation of Harun Fazul, one of the FBI’s most wanted terrorists. Her colleagues praise her incredible work ethic, keen intelligence and impressive interpersonal skills.
  • The Sidney D. Drell Academic Award for students is awarded to Dr. Christopher Griffin of Pennsylvania State University. Dr. Griffin is a faculty member at The Pennsylvania State University, where he produces research that applies advanced mathematical modeling techniques to critical national security needs. His cutting‐edge work is recognized by the Department of Defense and the nation’s intelligence agencies. His work directly supports information fusion and decision‐making systems that support the intelligence and national security work done in the U.S. Dr. Griffin also mentors students involved in national security and defense and is the author of numerous academic publications.
  • The Edwin H. Land Industry Award for contractors or non‐government employees is awarded to David Linnstaedt of ITT Exelis, a scientist who has provided technical expertise in chemistry, production processes, and chemical signatures and provided critical technical support to analysts, development teams, and warfighters in support of military operations.
  • Finally, the William O. Studeman Military Award for uniformed military is awarded to Intelligence Specialist 2nd Class (IS2) Brian J. Maffucci of the National Security Agency (NSA)/CSS Hawaii. IS2 Maffucci, U.S. Coast Guard, is a Senior Analyst in the NSA Hawaii Maritime Analysis Support Team (H‐MAST). As a junior analyst, he provided analysis on threats stemming from international terrorism, proliferation, WMD, and illegal drug trafficking. His success led him to become a Senior Analyst where he provides in‐depth reporting, with templates he developed and implemented, that improve the timely release of information and intelligence to the NSA and the intelligence community.


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