MANDIANT Announces Launch Of MANDIANT Computer Incident Response Team

This week, MANDIANT announced the launch of the MANDIANT Computer Incident Response Team (MCIRT(TM)) as a means to put MANDIANT technology and solutions to work for customers worldwide. MANDIANT is a leader in advanced threat detection and response solutions.

MCIRT is for customers who want to proactively detect, respond and contain cybersecurity threats. MCIRT draws on precise intelligence about  the attackers’ tools and tactics.

MANDIANT’s Chief Security Officer and Vice President of MCIRT, Richard Bejtlich said, “Targeted attacks such as the advanced persistent threat (APT) have moved from government agencies to the defense industrial base to the private sector. Prior to MCIRT, these organizations had to build large and costly teams to perform the sweeping and hunting tasks necessary to mitigate targeted attacks.”

The MCIRT solution provides benefits to both organizations that already have protection and those who do not. Some of the specific benefits include:

  • Reduced Theft of Assets & Intellectual Property: Advanced targeted attacks are identified rapidly, minimizing an organization’s window of exposure.
  • Reduced Cost of Responding to Computer Breaches: Organizations can confirm the true scope of an incident, respond immediately and reduce the need for expensive after-the-fact forensic sleuthing.
  • Reduced Disruption to Ongoing Operations: MANDIANT precisely identifies the specific devices that are compromised so unaffected employees and processes stay online and are not unnecessarily disrupted by containment and remediation activities.
  • Reduced Reputational Risk: Organizations are better prepared to identify and contain attacks before they must disclose them to customers, partners and regulators.

Also, some capabilities available to customers via the MCIRT solution include:

  • 24 x 7 Monitoring by MANDIANT’s Team of Expert Threat Analysts
  • Sweeps All Endpoints to Identify Advanced Targeted Attacks
  • Inspects Network Traffic to Identify Ongoing Targeted Attacks
  • Correlates Indicators of Compromise Against the Most Recent Tactics
  • Provides Confirmation of Compromise & Directs Response

Additional information can be seen at the companies website.


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