James Sheaffer Testifies Before House Sub-Committee On Cybersecurity And Cloud Computing

Yesterday, James Sheaffer, CSC North American Public Sector (NPS) President and  TechAmerica Foundation’s Commission on the Leadership Opportunity in the U.S. Deployment of the Cloud vice-chair, testified before Congress in regards to shared computing security.

Sheaffer specifically discussed the overwhelming benefits of cloud computing; including cost savings, speed, and mission responsiveness to the House Subcommittee on Cybersecurity, Infrastructure Protection and Security Technologies. He also acknowledged that cloud computing comes with challenges such as security and transparency.

Sheaffer said, “On balance, we are confident that prudent cloud computing, approached deliberately and systematically, will satisfy stringent security requirements. Good cloud security, coupled with resilient architecture, will help make cloud an ever more attractive approach to information technology.”

Sheaffer also spoke about cybersecurity technology and its importance to the federal government.

“Better security must go hand in hand with saving money and improving performance. Cybersecurity must be integrated into cloud computing architectures at the outset, rather than be left to catch up,” said Sheaffer.

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