Secrets To Success: Every Batman Needs A Robin, By John Backus


New Series: Simple Secrets to Success From Those Who Know

WashingtonExec reached out to area executives to gain insight and share local “secrets to success” stories.

Today’s advice comes from John Backus (@jcbackus), Managing Partner of New Atlantic Ventures:

His “five favorite lessons”:

1.  Hard work can’t be taught. But lazy can be learned.  Don’t be lazy.

2.  If you are Batman, you need a Robin to succeed. teams beat lone wolves.

3.  I would rather be wrong and rich than right and poor. Don’t always think you are right.  Learn from others.

4.  Don’t run out of money. No company ever failed because it had too much cash in the bank.

5.  An A+ entrepreneur with a B+ idea beats a B+ entrepreneur with an A+ idea every day. Hire the best and the brightest and pay them what they are worth.

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