Meridian Global Learning Management System Nominated For Best of Elearning! Excellence Award

Roy Haythorn, Executive Vice President of Meridian Operations

Earlier this week, Meridian Global Learning Management System (LMS) was nominated by the readers of Elearning! Magazine for its “Best Enterprise-Based LMS” award. The organization has been nominated for three consecutive years and is only one of three businesses worldwide to receive such a nomination. Meridian is leading provider of LMS for organizations of all sizes and is the number one ranked learning-technology company for customer loyalty.

“These awards are committed to recognizing innovation and user satisfaction across a diverse group of solution providers,” said Jerry Roche, Editorial Director of Elearning! Magazine.

This year’s Meridian Global LMS delivers, analyzes and manages training online for customers, business partners and employees. The organization created a mobile profile for its system so users can track training courses from their smartphones. The platform-agnostic profile features e-learning, transcripts and other facets of the LMS for mobile phones.

“The versatility of Meridian’s software always earns high marks from our customers,” said Roy Haythorn, Executive Vice President of Meridian Operations. “Our product’s adaptability is what really gets customers excited. Employers use our LMS to teach management strategies to franchisees, instruct customers how to use products, and deliver certification training to members of trade associations. The satisfaction people express for our LMS and customer support team inspires them to nominate Meridian year after year for Best Enterprise LMS.”

For this year’s readers’ choice awards, Elearning! Magazine received more than 1,750 nominators. Out of those, 55 were selected to receive Awards of Excellence.

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