DMI Announces New Portfolio With Three SOC’s

Sunny Bajaj, DMI CEO

This week, a new portfolio of three Security Operations Center (SOC) offerings was announced by DMI. The SOC’s are groundbreaking because they use trusted computing technologies to build self-defending networks. This will ultimately increase security, reduce cost, and improve compliance.

DMI created the solutions to combat the growing need for CISO’s to battle cybersecurity threats. DMI provides strong security monitoring and advanced technology solutions to block attackers.

Jay Sunny Bajaj Digital Management’s CEO said, “Traditional cybersecurity operations are primarily reactive in nature. Many security operations groups respond to cyber incidents long after they are over and the attacker is gone.”

Being the only solution provider in the world to offer this package, DMI is changing how companies can monitor threats.

“Our vision is to enable our customers to transition to a proactive, self-defending model – a Trusted Enterprise. Our use of trusted computing technologies makes this approach more affordable and effective than ever before possible,” said Bajaj.

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