CGI Federal Inc. Awarded $207 Million Task Order Contract By EPA’s Office of Environmental Information To Support Its Central Data Exchange

George Schindler, CGI Federal CEO

The Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Office of Environmental Information awarded CGI Federal Inc. (CGI), a wholly-owned U.S. operating subsidiary of CGI Group Inc., a $207 million task order renewal over a six year period under the GSA Alliance Government-Wide Acquisition Contract (GWAC) to support the EPA’s Central Data Exchange (CDX).

“The unprecedented budget challenges facing federal agencies will continue to demand that they use technology to increase collaboration across government and with external stakeholders to achieve their goals,” said George Schindler, President of CGI Federal. “With CDX, the EPA has established a government-wide best practice for using IT to support the agency’s mission as well as the day-to-day operations of its program offices.”

EPA’s core technology asset, CDX enables streamlined, electronic collection, sharing and reporting of environmental data between EPA’s program offices and its external stakeholders. These stakeholders include tribal nations, regulated industries and states. CGI will maintain services which include web application, systems development, program management, operations and maintenance services, user support and information assurance/cybersecurity, with CDX.

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