Adam Welsh Named Senior Vice President of Health IT For Dovèl Technologies

CEO of Dovel Technologies Paul Leslie

Last week, Dovèl Technologies, a leader in software application development and emerging information technology solutions, appointed Adam Welsh Senior Vice President and General Manager for Health IT. Welsh is responsible for overseeing the development of solutions for the company’s customers in the health space, including the FDA and American Red Cross. Welsh will also be responsible for seeking out opportunities to grow the company’s presence across new sectors.

“The healthcare market has an incredible need for efficient solutions, in terms of cost, implementation, and use. Our development philosophy, core competencies, and existing solutions are uniquely positioned to fill this need,” commented Paul Leslie, Dovèl CEO. “Adam brings a deep expertise in healthcare consulting and will help us quickly get the right solutions out in the field to meet today’s challenges.”

Throughout his extensive career, Welsh worked with clients across the healthcare field including large pharmaceutical companies, healthcare providers, health plans, the Department of Defense, U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) and the National Cancer Institute. Before joining Dovèl, Welsh was the Managing Partner at KAI Strategy LLC where he led consulting, strategy and program delivery engagements. He also served as Senior Vice President and General Manger at Apptis, where he focused on expanding the company’s healthcare business.

“Dovèl’s ability to understand the customer’s mission and quickly develop solutions that meet current and future needs is exactly what is needed in the fast changing healthcare space,” said Welsh. “I am excited to join this team of smart, pragmatic, and passionate professionals and look forward to bringing new ideas and solutions to the market.”

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