Q&A With CCSi’s Naren Bewtra: Physicist and Teacher By Trade

Meet Dr. Naren Bewtra, CCSi’s President and Chief Operating Officer, who is responsible for all technical and financial performance of the company. As CCSi’s head honcho, Bewtra is engaged in many new business development projects, along with providing his science and engineering expertise to federal government agencies such as the USDA, NASA and FAA. Bewtra received his Masters in Mathematics from the University of Delhi in India and his PhD in Theoretical Physics from Cornell University in New York. Bewtra worked for numerous organizations including Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC), Intellisource and Hughes STX Corporation, where he managed as many as 1300 employees. In 2002, Bewtra joined CCSi, started by his wife Manju Bewtra, and has turned CCSi into one of the most successful small businesses for managing enterprise programs in the country. Bewtra sat with WashingtonExec to discuss his background at NASA, his inspiration and the challenges he faces daily at work as COO.

WashingtonExec: What challenges do you face on a day-to-day basis being the COO of CCSi?
Naren Bewtra: I am a physicist and a teacher by trade, and early in my career found myself managing a team of scientists at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center. I learned that I loved the process of managing a team of people as much as I loved physics, if not more so.

I manage a magnificent team at CCSi. I love the work that we do and the market that we are in. This is very much the focus of what I do today and it’s why I wake up every morning excited to go to work. My colleagues share the same passion, and over the years we have created a deeply rooted culture of quality and commitment to our people – both employees and customers, which drives our success.

We’ve recently graduated from a small business to a mid-tier large business which places us in a very unique position – there are very few companies in this space. We don’t have the recognition as a household name nor do we benefit anymore from small business setasides.

As we navigate this unchartered territory,our challenge is to maintain our culture and strengths (agility, personal accountability, and focused expertise) so that we can continue to provide the flexible, cost-effective solutions our customers have come to rely on us for. We are committed to this and are fortunate to have dedicated people who are enthusiastic about meeting this challenge head-on.

WashingtonExec: What steps have you taken to navigate your business through the economic turmoil of the past 12 months?

Naretn Bewtra: I believe that growth happens in quantum leaps – rather than the steady upward trajectory that people love to draw on charts.  Two years ago, we could see that the war would eventually wind down; that federal budgets would need to be pulled back, that efficiency and collaboration would be critical. So, we focused on developing the specific services and needs our government customers would require to succeed in this era of change.  As a company, we listen and work as a team with our customers to understand what the needs are going to be before they happen.  We are adaptable so that our customers can be adaptable. Our past performance served as a foundation for our expertise, and now we continue to build upon this legacy to secure contracts that address the new government IT priorities.

WashingtonExec: What excites you most about your business?

Naren Bewtra: I enjoy the challenges, the people managing, and the problem solving. I’ve had more than 35 years of challenge and experience working side-by-side with government customers to bridge the gap between agency mission and business capabilities, making a real difference in their operations.  In my career, I’ve led teams that have provided technology breakthroughs in early LANDSAT imaging analysis, entirely new technology for the FAA’s safer oceanic air traffic control, and fully operational business process re-engineered and outsourced enterprise information technology for more efficient and effective veterans’ loan servicing. Seeing my customers completely satisfied and happy is what excites me the most.

Today, I manage our company to ensure that we are people-centered because of our dedication we all have to want to provide the best customer-support possible. In this ever-changing state of government and business, the problem solving will always be a part of my day-to-day routine.

Innovation, commitment, and enthusiasm are what make this job for me enjoyable. I am surrounded by team members who enjoy reaching the same goals I do, and who continue to strive for greater aspirations both for themselves and this company. From a small company to a medium company, to perhaps some day a large company, I will continue to enjoy this environment and the challenges that are poised for creating new and innovative solutions.

WashingtonExec: What sets CCSi apart from its competitors?

Naren Bewtra: We have received formal recognition from the DoD and VA for our overall performance; execution and delivering services that achieve measurable results. In 2009, we were acknowledged by the DHS as the most successful small business for managing enterprise programs while maintaining compliance at all times.

We’re known for our deep understanding of government processes, senior-level counsel and adaptive solutions and services that get the job done right.  We are seasoned experts in program management, compliance, information assurance and enterprise IT – the focus areas most critical to overcoming obstacles and achieving agency objectives today and in the future.  Our past performance sets us apart, but our people’s dedication to making a difference in our customer’s lives is what drives our performance.

WashingtonExec: Who has been your role model throughout your career?

Naren Bewtra: Dr. Richard Feynman, a Nobel Prize winner in physics, is one of the most celebrated and revered scientists in modern times, as well as an inspiration to me in my career. He was a unique and multi-faceted individual and I greatly admire how he combined work and fun, looking analytically at every challenge in life.

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