Eloqua and JESS3 Publish E-book on Social Media

Eloqua, a leading provider of on-demand Revenue Performance Management Solutions, teamed up with JESS3 and released a 42-page free e-book called Social Media ProBook.  The guide features a hands-on advice from significant figures in the social media marketing world.  It’s designed to help marketers improve and speed up the results from their social marketing efforts.

“The Social Media ProBook” acts as a sequel to last year’s award-winner, “Social Media Playbook,” by picking up where the first book left off.  Contributions to the new e-book come from many leaders in the industry including David Armano, William Beutler, Leslie Bradshaw, Brad Cohen, Frank Eliason, Sarah Evans, Jamie Grenney, Scott Monty, Liz Philips, Leslie Poston, Adam Singer, Jesse Thomas, Chris Thompson, Bryan Rhoads, Robin Richards, Steve Rubel, Ekaterina Walker, Jeff Widman and Eloqua’s Joe Chernov.

The book covers a wide range of topics such as internal organizational models for handling social media monitoring and response, a guide to moving social media campaigns globally, ways to measure business impact, how to write for Facebook, a discussion on how to engage influencers, and a breakdown of the suitable use of social media for public relations and more.

“Last year’s Social Media Playbook was like an introductory class to social media marketing. The Social Media ProBook is more like a Master’s course,” Leslie Bradshaw (pictured), co-Founder and President of JESS3, said. “No longer is it good enough to just be on Twitter or have a Facebook page. You’ve got to scale social across the web, your organization and if you are multi-national — the globe.”

“Social Media ProBook” is available for a free download at the It’s All About Revenue blog.


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