CR Magazine Recognizes Best Corporate Citizens in Government Contracting

Corporate Responsibility (CR) Magazine announced its 2nd Annual Best Corporate Citizen in the Government Contracting List.  The list was introduced a year ago to help encourage government to take a look at a comprehensive set of factors such as transparency and responsibility data when making buying decisions. The list is comprised by looking at of publicly-available date from Russell 1000 companies. Collected and analyzed by leading ESG investor data firm, IW Financial, and then further refines that universe by identifying the overlap with the top 100 government contractors for FY2010 (according to as of April 2011). Those contractors, totaling 48 this year, are then ranked based on 324 data elements in seven weighted categories:


  • climate change
  • employee relations
  • environment
  • financial
  • governance
  • human rights
  • philanthropy

The list is keynoted by Dan Gordon, Administrator of Federal Procurement Policy at the White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB).  The list can be viewed by clicking here.

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