Bonnie Carroll Testifies To House on Problems of Insourcing

Bonnie C. Carroll, a member of PSC and Owner of Information International Associates, testified on Thursday to the House Small Business Committee that inappropriate insourcing exhausted government money and devastated the staff of her company.  Information International Associates provides commercial training and support services for the Defense and Labor Departments and is based in Oak Ridge, Tenn.

“Our contract performance has been outstanding as evidenced by our annual evaluations…our contract prices have been shown to save over 33 percent of previous government in-house costs estimated through the A-76 process,” said Carroll at the hearing, “Insourcing Gone Awry: Outsourcing Small Business Jobs.”  “Yet, despite these performance metrics we have lost 15 percent of our employees to insourcing activities by the U.S. Air Force over the past eight months.”

PSC is the voice of the government professional and technical services field.  350 members represent businesses of all sizes that provide to federal agencies with a variety of services.


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