Meet Geeta Nayyar

Whether it’s her love for medicine or for people, Geeta Nayyar always wanted to be a doctor.  As the Principle Medical Officer at Vangent, Inc., as well as a professor at George Washington University, Nayyar has the chance to help patients and teach students about the latest advancements in healthcare.

After six years of medical schooling and training, Nayyar’s dream of doing what she loves and helping others had finally come true. An avid lover of science, Nayyar strives to establish good relationships with patients and their families throughout her rewarding career.

In the next ten years, Nayyar predicts tech-savy physician and patient entrepreneurs will invent better health IT solutions than the technology industry.  Because of the rise of technology and the majority of people with smartphones in hand, mobile health is becoming a big craze.

Another technology that is continuing to rise is social media.  Nayyar thinks it has become something easily accessible and a way to network others in a professional manner.  She uses social networks, such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to communicate with projects she is working on at Vangent and to highlight speaking engagements and publications.

An advantage to social media is allowing your personal brand to be accessible.  “It’s your reputation,” said Nayyar.  “When thinking about personal brand, I ask myself: What would someone say about me if I wasn’t in the room?”

When meeting others, Nayyar wants people to understand that she is an active and approachable individual when talking about health care and health technology.  Whether she’s cooking up Southern Asian food or teaching her patients about the ins and outs of health care, Nayyar is passionate about her work and helping others.

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