Knowledge Consulting Group Wins Blanket Purchase Agreement from Department of the Interior

Knowledge Consulting Group (KCG) has won a Blanket Purchase Agreement from the Department of the Interior for IT testing and evaluation services.

KCG, which specializes in providing cybersecurity and business strategy services to the federal market, will test and evaluate the Minerals Revenue Management Support Service (MRMSS), a system used by the Department of the Interior’s Natural Resources Revenue Office. The office uses the MRMSS to process bonuses, rents and royalties from federal mineral leases, both off and on-shore.

“KCG is honored to be selected to perform these vital services, and we look forward to working with ONRR [the Office of Natural Resources Revenue]to ensure the security and integrity of the financial, data warehouse, and asset management systems under the MRMSS,” said Maryann Hirsch, KCG’s president. “We look forward to leveraging KCG’s expertise and best practices to conduct security assessments on the MRMSS to identify vulnerabilities and improve the overall security posture.”

KCG’s other duties under the agreement will include system tests and evaluations, an extended security assessment of MRMSS and its vulnerabilities, and independent verification of corrective actions taken to complete performance requirements.

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