Kinomap: a step above the rest in geotagged video sharing

With the photo and video sharing space getting a little crowded, the Paris-based Kinomap boasts the only video-sharing platform in the world to offer synchronized video-map playback.  Today Kinomap announced the integration of its geolocated videoplayer with Facebook.  By clicking the Facebook “like” button in the video description on the interface, users can post a thumbnail of the film on their wall that will then display playback synchronizing the images and their location on a satellite map.  I tested in out when taking my dog Mazzie for a walk at Willis Tucker park in Snohomish, WA.  Here is what it looks like on Facebook  after clicking the like button:

Using Kinomap’s iphone application (also available for Android), you can take a video description of your route (be it backpacking or driving to a great viewpoint) and share it visually with friends on Facebook.  A full video of a 6 hour hike may not be that realistic for your phone’s battery, but video of trailheads and side trails would be great to share with other hikers.  It is also interesting to see the progress of the video as the icon moves along the map on the kinomap website. You can see a  Kinomap Preview here.

Kinomap’s interface:

New York startup Mobli also offers photo and video sharing with more simplied geotagging.  Mobli announced today the launch of its iPhone application.  As TechCrunch described in April, Mobli seems to be taking the celebrity endorsement/stalking route to differentiate itself from competitors.  The big feature on Mobli is channels of various topics.   What could be exciting, as their website describes, is seeing real-time video of an event.  I hope to try and catch a Seattle Mariners game on Mobli the next time they’re playing.  Below is a screenshot of the main app page:


The San Francisco based Instagram is quite popular, offering photo sharing with geotagging, social networking integration and a cool filter feature that allows you quickly edit a picture taken on your phone before uploading it to your favorite social networking site.  This is my dog Mazzie with the “Nashville” filter posted through my iPhone to FB, pretty snazzy!

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