CEA Board To Capitol Hill: Focus on eRecycling

The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) Board of Leaders and Innovation Movement went to Capitol Hill on Wednesday to meet with the House of Representatives.  CEA’s purpose of the meeting was to gain support for vital issues of the consumer electronics industry.

The CEA also wanted to bring attention to the industry’s newly announced eCycling Leadership Initiative as well as pass pending trade agreements.  Also a part of its presentation to Congress CEA showed an interactive video called “America is Ready for a Comeback,” which talked about its public policy agenda.

CEA’s book, “The Comeback: How Innovation Will Restore the American Dream,” also made an appearance in the video.  The book is a New York Times’ bestseller and is written by CEA’s president and CEO, Gary Shapiro.

In addition, executive members of CEA asked Congress members to authorize their plan for “incentive auctions.”  This will deliver broadcasters the ability to repurpose their frequencies through a spectrum auction in a switch to proceeds from auction revenues.


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